Welcome to my Website its under construction!

I am trying my best! I mostly update my blog sorry I will work on my webshrines an all that aswell.


My names is Wires/Theseus! Here's some userboxes!: userboxes.

I write fanfics that I post on archive of our own! I also draw, write poems, make playlists but I dont really post those. I also make videos (under a different name). I love music by Lovejoy and Wilbur soot, aswell as music by other people! I'm really trying to make this website be a website but idk what im doing! I plan to have a blog section and a section where i post updates to my fanfics! OH YEAH I ALSO MAKE AUDIO EDITS I LOVE EDITING SONGS.

I also like archiving things, streaming, and tons of other stuff!! I also really like my name (its Theseus B. Fall!) Im very very queer.

I made a forum for this page! I'm still setting it up as of 5/2/2022 but. yeah!

I made a changelog: Changelog .

I AM BACK! I am sorry i was away for so long, my site was glitched out but it is now resloved!!!! Im so happy!! (that message was from like 4/25/2022 I think but fuck it lets keep the "I AM BACK" message.)


My pride flags page :) Pride Flags.

My guestbook: My guestbook

My first blog on this site, read me rambling about my life: Theseus' Blog TW their will be triggering shit so be wary of clicking that its a dark place. ill add proper tws for each entry one day but for now be warned.

update my blog is no longer openable in neocities editor, so this version of it will remain as an archive! I will create a new blog sometime today on 2022-09-10

Another alter, Jade's, blog: Blog

contact me!

page for words from various things that I relate to me somehow!

My microblog!

note the microblog has been discontinued for now as of 2022-09-10 and I decided to just encorperate my microblog with my main blog

See what fanfics and/or songs if I ever add those to the list i like. My Recs I could write essays about all my thoughts on various things I am. A big nerd. About Things.

My webshrines/fanpages for various things list: (link TBA)

It's tamaNOTchi! Click to feed!

General Knowledge section: link.

Playlist I made for this page:

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My name as a playlist:

(I wanted to do the joke for awhile even before i joined neocities i just didint know any songs named blaze but i just found one so. Theseus B. Fall!)

Only the song the fall gave me my last name, I chose Theseus and B. at other times for other reasons. Fun fact it was my first name for a bit before i changed it to Theseus. Its better that way I think. I listen to Theseus and The Fall on the regular and only listened to half of blaze once LOL. It seems cool tho.


An image showing a one month sub to the streamer Philza and a moments badge with a username next to it.

I got gifted a sub to philza!! One month! So I put this here to celebrate it!! I added this bit onto my website on 4/27/2022! (NOTE APPARENTLY IT WAS GIFTED TO ME ON THE 25TH and i didnt see it i was afk I think. 4/25 is now historically a very good day for me.) I cant sub on my own so Im veryy happy!! (also i wanted to keep my twitch seperate from here same with my youtube but yolo!!!)

I added the song warriors to my homepage because its really important to me. it was their at key moments of my life, arguably saved my life multiple times and is one of the many things on this earth i owe everything to. liteally. Its like my song in a sense. it will always follow me. It did so much for me. Might make a special page dedicated to this songs impact.

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Buttons! (WIP. Also leave a comment on my page if you want your button on my site!)




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